Thursday, November 6, 2008

Money by email.

Ok so you CAN make money by reading emails, but in all honesty you make about $0.02 per email. This company actually pays but it will not send you a check until you have reached a balance of $30.00. It takes me about a month to reach that and I don't spend too much time doing it but I do check it everyday. This is definitely by no means a job but rather something kinda fun that can help you save some money for a new shirt or something.

Legit Secret Shopping Companies

I shop for both of these companies and receive checks from them. The top one is marketforce. You need to have access to a fax machine and printer. They both pay pretty decent and the shop and paperwork never take more than an hour all together so you can make anywhere from $7-55 an hour!

The Basics

Real work at home jobs are everywhere, you just need to know where to look and what to look for. There are many get-rich-quick scams, don't become a victim! With identity theft on the rise you really need to be careful about who you give you information to. I am a stay at home housewife and I have been through many scams and some legit companies. For everyone legit company that will pay you to work at home, there are at least 100 scams out there. While not all opportunities are phony, many are so protect yourself!

I have found a few companies that are legit. They don't pay enough for your complete income but if you peice things together you can begin to bring in enough to support yourself. Just like any other job you must put in hours. Most likely you will have to work 40-50 hours a week to make a decent living. Working at home is not for lazy people, it is just a more comfortable environment to complete your work in. I will be posting legit money opportunities that either I have experienced myself or that have been proven legit. Always remember you can check the BBB but that doesn't necessarily mean they are a great company because a lot of complaints go unheard.